Creepy Southern Gospel Songs – “God’s Cemetery”

This will be the one and only edition of creepy Southern Gospel songs.  I remember when I was a regular member of one of the Southern Gospel message boards, the topic seemed to come up on occasion regarding creepy sounding Southern Gospel songs.

So, today I thought would be a good day to cover the creepy sounding songs of Southern Gospel music.  I picked out one song that I always thought sounded creepy, especially the opening monologue.  The Steeles recorded and also released as a single a song titled “God’s Cemetery”.  It was found on the group’s 2004 album Standing Room Only.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.  Also, what would you consider to be the creepiest sounding Southern Gospel song of all time?


7 thoughts on “Creepy Southern Gospel Songs – “God’s Cemetery”

  1. “The Last Sunday” had a nice creepiness to it.
    “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” – its ‘new’ to southern gospel with the hoppers but the original always creeped me out
    “The Judgement” – the live cut with Gary Sheppard, especially with the screaming live audience, scared me as a kid.

    “If you only knew” – just tell me you don’t feel strange when Mike Holcomb subsonically says “You’re in the arms of Jesus now…”

  2. The Steeles- intro to “For the Sake of the Children” — Realistic news reports/interviews of school shootings scared me when I was a child.

    Big MO- “The Funeral of Jesus” — The haunted house effects in the background are creepy, not to mention his vocal tone throughout the “song.”

    The intro & outro to “Famine in Their Land” by the Nelons is a bit creepy.

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