The #1’s – “It’s Out Of This World”

This week begins a new feature for Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row.  I was going to wait until the first of the year to begin this new feature, but why not start now.  The Singing News chart is considered the official radio chart for Southern Gospel music.  While the chart doesn’t have as much of an impact as it once did, I wanted to use this feature to highlight songs that reached the #1 spot on the Singing News chart over the course of its history.

Having a #1 song on the chart, used to mean big things for an artist (more exposure, landing on more promoters concert bills, reaching more fans/listeners).  In the 1980’s/1990’s, having a #1 song could launch a relatively unknown artist to the fore front of the industry.

The first look at the #1’s highlights the song, “It’s Out Of This World”, penned by group member Mike Payne.  This song launched the career of the Paynes in to a major concert draw and allowed them a career that will forever be remembered in Southern Gospel music.  The song spent four months at #1 from the time period of October 1983 to January 1984.  The group would go on to garner two more #1 hits that will be highlighted later.

Enjoy this YouTube video clip of the Paynes singing their #1 hit, “It’s Out Of This World”.


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