Album Covers To Rank – Set 11

Last week, I chose six quartet albums to rank.  This week I have chosen six mixed group albums to rank.  In the comments section rank the following albums from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Home Cookin’ – Hemphills (1979)

Places To Go, People To See – Hoskins Family (2003)

Journeys – Nelons (1986)

Gloryland Gold – Lesters (1983)

It’s Out Of This World – Paynes (1982)

Rise Above – Talley Trio (2006)


4 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 11

  1. I’ll try this one: #1 Hoskins Family: I like the color scheme and pic and the pic does a good job of communicating the theme of the title. #2 Rise Above. I might have chosen another aesthetically (although this one is nice), but this one fits the theme of the title {although it appears Lauren is rising a bit above the others. 😉 ) #3 Nelons: This doesn’t quite pull off communicating the theme entirely, but it maybe sort of does and looks pretty nice. #4 Hemphills: It looks decent and does a good job of conveying the title, but I am not sure why they chose that title. 🙂 #5 The Paynes: Part of it is very pleasing and executed, but part looks sort of cheesy. Perhaps they could do it better today. #6The Lesters: This too does a good job of communicating the theme, but I don’t care for it as much aesthetically.

  2. 1.Hoskins-nice professional look.
    2.Talleys-nice pose,but can’t imagine high-heeled mountain climbing.
    3.Lesters-kind of an Amish look.
    4.Paynes-liked the stair-stepped group pose and good concept.
    5.Nelons-like it seems a bit dated.
    6.Hemphills-nice concept but. poor lighting.

    I had trouble with this batch,they were very evenly matched.

  3. 1. Hoskins – Good concept. That’s a nice looking cover.
    2. Nelons – I’m not crazy about the color of Rex’s jacket, but it was in style when this came out. Sometimes a simple pose with a simple setting is all you need.
    3. Talleys – Lauren had most of the solos on this CD, and the CD title right above her posed higher than her parents seems to indicate she’s the star of the group. They were working to launch her into a solo career around this time. Since then, all their covers have given the group members equal billing.
    4. Hemphills – The lighting of the photo is poorly balanced, but it’s good otherwise.
    5. Lesters – I’d have ranked this above the Hemphills, but the font for the group name and title is just glaringly wrong for this sort of concept.
    6. Paynes – This one is really painful. I understand the concept they’re going for, but the pose, the colors, the city image are all hard on the eyes.

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