Smack Down!! – “Gettin’ Ready Today”

When I reviewed the Taylors new album last week, I mentioned three Downings songs the group covered.  I thought, why not take one of those songs and see how it stacks up to the original.  “Gettin’ Ready Today”, penned by Joe Hatfield, was recorded by the Downings on their 1969 album Sheltered In The Arms Of God.

The Downings decided to take a laid back approach in the arrangement and allowed the song to build and by the end the song moved to a nice Southern Gospel up tempo barn burner.  The Downings will take the first verse and chorus.

As already mentioned, the Taylors covered “Gettin’ Ready Today” on their new album Almost Home.  Being a mixed quartet, the Taylors treated this song with respect to the original.  They took the similar arrangement and allowed the song to build until the end.

The Taylors will take the second verse and chorus.  Original vs. new?  Who takes it this week?


2 thoughts on “Smack Down!! – “Gettin’ Ready Today”

  1. Thanks for this….and great job, Taylors!!!
    “Gettin’ Ready Today” has always been a crowd pleaser…people just love this song…including Bill Gaither :).
    So glad to hear y’all bringing this arrangement back, Taylors!!!! Ann D

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