Through The Night – Perrys


  • Album – Through The Night
  • Artist – Perrys
  • Label – Daywind Records
  • Style – Traditional, Progressive
  • Release Date – 10/09/12
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (iTunes)


The time of the year surrounding the National Quartet Convention finds an influx of new recordings by Southern Gospel artists.  The Perrys released their new Daywind Records release at NQC; the title, Through The Night.

Through The Night officially hit the streets on Tuesday (10/09/12).  The Perrys have created a musical formula since moving to their current vocal configuration about a decade ago.  This new album continues that formula, while attempting to forge some new musical territory with several different musical arrangements.

One song has a rocking bluegrass feel, while another has a great jazz piano intro.


  • One of my favorite songs the Perrys staged at this years NQC was “One Of These Mornings”.  After giving Through The Night a first listen it was also the first song to find the repeat button.  This song fits the Perrys perfectly and should be high a top the list for radio single possibilities.
  • Bryan Walker not only shines on “One Of These Mornings” but may have the best vocal performance of his recording career with “Too Good To Not Be True”.  This ballad takes a progressive style but the accompaniment is scaled back enough to allow Bryan’s vocal to shine.
  • Joseph is becoming one of Southern Gospel’s best songwriters in addition to his lead vocals.  He co-wrote two stand out tracks in which he is featured.  They include “Whosoever Will” and the rocking bluegrass flavored “He Is Good To Me”.  The latter is a different feel for the Perrys but is one of my favorites from the new recording.  This should be a great live concert tune.
  • Libbi is not to be out done, as her power alto voice makes its presence known, most notably on the title track “Through The Night”.  This familiar Libbi feature would be another strong radio single choice.
  • Tracy’s one feature is the Cathedral classic “Everywhere I Go”, which was also recently recorded by the Browns on the album, Now.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “One Of These Mornings”, “He Is Good To Me”, “Too Good To Not Be True”, “Whosoever Will”, “Through The Night” and “Unspoken Request”.
  • For someone who listens and attempts to pick out each voice on each song (and yes I know I confused Wes Hampton and David Phelps in a recent review), at times on Through The Night I had a tough time differentiating Joseph Habedank and Bryan Walker.  Their tones on several songs are similar, but listening to “When He Spoke” (the last track) helped because it was clear who was who vocally.
  • The only song that was a mis-step was the group’s cover of a song they recorded on a 1998 recording, Come To The Fountain.  “When He Spoke” would probably be my favorite song from the Mike Bowling, Nicole Watts years.  It is tough not hearing that song without the soaring soprano vocals.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “When He Spoke”.


Through The Night is another great album in an arsenal of great albums for the Perrys.  I consider Almost Morning the landmark album of the group’s recording career and while Through The Night doesn’t quite match that caliber, it is definitely better than the group’s previous effort, Blue Skies.  As I continue to listen to this album it will most likely land as one of the group’s top five recordings in their entire discography.  When I crown the best album of 2012 in my annual countdown, it may come down to two mixed group juggernauts (Hoppers – Count Me In and Perrys – Through The Night).  I’ll have a lot to think about over the next month.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – SONGWRITER:  1. “I God A Hold Of God This Morning”/Ensemble; Joseph – Kyla Rowland  2. “Whosoever Will”/Joseph – Joseph Habedank; Wayne Haun; Joel Lindsey  3. “Everywhere I Go”/Tracy – Kirk Talley  4. “Through The Night”/Libbi  5. “He Is Good To Me”/Joseph – Joseph Habedank; Wayne Haun  6. “Too Good To Not Be True”/Bryan – Adina Bowman; Joseph Habedank  7. “The Blood And Its Power”/Libbi – Chris Binion; Kyla Rowland  8. “One Of These Mornings”/Bryan – Jeffrey Bumgardner; Joel Lindsey  9. “Unspoken Request”/Joseph; Libbi – Jeffrey Bumgardner; Joel Lindsey  10. “When He Spoke”/Joseph; Bryan; Libbi – Joel Lindsey; Jeff Silvey


2 thoughts on “Through The Night – Perrys

  1. Just downloaded this album yesterday and am LOVING it. Bryan Walker sounds phenomenal, especially on Too Good To Not Be True. I believe One Of These Mornings will be huge for them. When He Spoke has always been one of my favorite Perry’s songs. I will probably always be a bit partial to the original but I actually really dig this arrangement. Glad they brought it back. Last, Whosoever Will is a fantastic song, maybe my favorite on the recording.

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