Album Covers To Rank – Set 10

This week’s set of album covers to rank are all quartet albums.  In the comments section rank each album from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Doing This For You – Brian Free & Assurance (1998)

Puts It Together – Blue Ridge Quartet (1973)

High And Lifted Up – Cathedrals (1993)

Harvest Time – Harvesters Quartet (1959)

Highway To Heaven – Inspirations (2002)

Sweet Land Of Rest – Palmetto State Quartet (2006)


10 thoughts on “Album Covers To Rank – Set 10

  1. 1. Cathedrals – clouds subtly suggest the title without being blatant or cheesy
    2. Harvesters
    3. Inspirations
    4. Blue Ridge Quartet – A B+ for effort, but a little cheesy
    5 – Palmetto State – nice cover, just no obvious connection to concept
    6. Brian Free & Assurance

    They’re all decent to excellent this time around.

  2. 1. Cathedrals – One of their best photos
    2. Brian Free & Assurance – when done right, the individual photo covers look cool. Don’t like the title, though.
    3. Inspirations – cool car and font usage
    4. Palmetto State – like the idea
    5. Blue Ridge Quartet – cheesy
    6. Harvesters – too generic

  3. 1. Inspirations – The old car sold me and the fonts are perfect
    2. BF&A – This is a sharp looking cover. I always thought it was funny that they made Brian Free’s photo so much larger than the rest of the members of the group
    3. Harvesters – Sometimes a cover without a group photo just works. This is one of those cases.
    4. Palmetto State Quartet – This one is OK, but the purple filter on the upper portion is random.
    5. Cathedrals – An indoor pose with a generic outdoor sky background, and a goofy font for the group name. Nothing goes together, except the album title does relate with the sky background.
    6. Blue Ridge Quartet – An obvious concept…poorly executed.

  4. Yeah, I think they are all decent this time too. I won’t rate them all, but will say that the Harvesters and Blue Ridge are on the bottom (not sure which is the very bottom). Both did have concepts that worked though. Blue Ridge did look a bit cheesy perhaps, and the Harvesters is a smidge blah as it sort of looks like one of many covers without pics that Skylite used to use for a multitude of covers (albeit this one is probably better done than many of those).

  5. 1.BFA-very classy and up to date.
    2.Blue Ridge Qt.-loved this concept,could have done without the shade of green.
    3.Palmetto St.-very nice pose and layout.
    4.Inspirations-good pose and loved the classic car.
    5.Cats-this one is good but the qualityof the others was so high it made it kind of run of the mill for me.
    6.Harvester-this was the only one i really didn’t care for.

  6. 1. Harvesters
    2. Inspirations
    3. Palmetto State
    4. BFA
    5. Blue Ridge
    6. Cathedrals

    The Cathedrals is one of the worst I’ve seen. It looks like they went to the local photography studio, pulled down the first background, took a picture, wrote their name at the top and ran with it. Surprisingly poor work from a great quartet.

  7. 1. Inspirations: Good shot, good layout, and it fit the theme.
    2. BFA: Very classy.
    3. Palmetto State: Nice shot.
    4. Cathedrals: Decent but not spectacular.
    5. Harvesters: Blah.
    6. Blue Ridge: Terrible shade of green.

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