Thoughts To Ponder – Open Discussion

I watched the Singing News fan awards, via online streaming, Wednesday (10/03/12).  While I am not a big supporter of awards shows I thought the program was well done, from a production stand point.  In watching the awards being handed out and seeing mostly the same winners as in previous years and getting a few new winners (Collingsworth Family winning their first mixed group award), I was pondering why ‘fans’ tend to vote a certain way for years.

This is not a new trend.  It has been going on since the Singing News had a fan awards.  Fans get stuck on one artist for a specific period of time (Inspirations/1970’s, Gold City/1980’s, Cathedrals/1990’s, Booth Brothers/now).  So, I want to open the floor for discussion and go ahead and ask you, the fan the following questions.

  1. What is it about a certain artist that will cause you to continue to vote for them year after year?
  2. What finally makes you decide that it is time to vote for someone else?
  3. Does personnel changes in your favorite group cause you to switch your vote?
  4. As a fan, do you mainly have one favorite artist with a bunch of other groups you like but they will never match your favorite?
  5. As a fan, do you enjoy getting to know new artists music or do you choose to stick with your few favorites?
  6. Anything else you as a fan would like to add.

I know I am a rare breed of fan in that I can never pin point a favorite artist at any given time.  Maybe it is because I see so many artists in a given year and listen to a whole lot of music from many different artists in a given year.  When it comes to award shows, my votes change annually based on what I am liking at that specific moment.  The floor is open.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts To Ponder – Open Discussion

  1. I’ve never actually voted in any of these awards shows, so I can’t answer the first few questions. However, when Dustin Allman of FridayNightRevival created his own awards, he put me on his board and I got to make some selections. I do recall that I went for a big variety. So I guess I would say I’m more that type of fan—I’m always poking around for new stuff. That certainly describes my listening patterns in general (not just southern gospel). However, within southern gospel I admit I do tend to stick with my reliable handful of top-notch artists. Maybe this is because I find it easier to find lots of different kinds of music I absolutely love in the CCM or secular fields (since they have the unfair disadvantage of being much bigger to begin with).

    I guess ultimately I’m always interested in good new music, but in terms of what actually gets added to and rotated on my ipod, the bulk of it comes from that handful.

    But enjoying is one thing, voting is another. If I were voting in these types of things I’d really make an effort to figure out who legitimately stood out that year in a given category instead of just voting for my favorites year after year.

  2. Sorry it took so long; I bookmarked this post to return to when I had a few minutes. Ever since starting to work full-time in Southern Gospel, I’ve pretty much quit casting votes. It’s a little too hard to cast votes between co-workers and clients. But, I can answer for how I would vote in 2009 and before:

    1. On the one hand, it’s an easy answer: Incredibly powerful new songs, albums, and live performances – with the strength of the new songs they introduce definitely heading that list. What makes me think of new songs/albums/concerts that way would be harder to capture into words.

    2. A change in #1, or, more often, a slight decline at a time when another group is really excelling.

    3. Definitely.

    4. Sort of; I think the Cathedrals will always remain my gold standard. But among current artists, I’m always open to be blown away by something new.

    5. I sure do! I took a chance on a Collingsworth CD once – and a Perrys CD once – and a Mark Trammell Trio CD (well, mp3 purchase) once. In all three cases, I didn’t have the faintest idea what to expect, and in all three cases, the groups eventually became favorites.

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