SWOT Analysis – Sisters

I am still in the process of getting back to all my regular features.  This week finds the return of the SWOT analysis feature.  This feature takes a tool used in business to look at different factors that can affect that business.  I thought why not use that model in looking at strengths and weaknesses of Southern Gospel’s biggest artists of today.

This week, the SWOT analysis returns with a look at Sisters.  This female trio is known for their tight harmony and angelic voices.


  • Vocals:  As I mentioned in the review of their latest album last week, Sisters is one of the finest vocal groups in all Southern Gospel music.  In an industry where sometimes stacks, tracks and theatrics can win over a crowd, I enjoy to hear a group that is built around pure vocal talent.
  • Intricate Harmony:  While Sisters don’t have the Southern Gospel market cornered on vocal harmony, they create intricate harmony arrangements that showcase that talent far more than some artists.
  • A Cappella Singing:  As their latest album proves, Sisters is at their best when performing a cappella.  Of course, their big vocal numbers “Under His Wings” and “I’m Gonna Make It” are also show stoppers.
  • Cross Over Appeal:  The group’s style allows for cross over appeal, as is witnessed by them performing at a Christian music festival in Washington where they were the only artist representing Southern Gospel harmony singing.


  • Being An All Female Trio:  Not to start a sexist argument here, but being an all female trio in an industry dominated by all male quartets will never garner them the attention they deserve.  This would be among the listening audience, not the other artists in the industry.
  • Cross Over Appeal:  While cross over appeal is a strength, it can also be considered a weakness.  The group’s style may not be considered Southern Gospel enough for the purists and again handicapping Sisters attempt at gaining the attention they deserve.  And all I mean by attention in this case is when Southern Gospel listeners are asked the best groups in the industry, Sisters actually being considered and listed among groups like the Booth Brothers, Triumphant Quartet, Hoppers, Perrys, etc.


  • Doing A Convention Style Album:  With the group’s harmony ability, I think they may win over more Southern Gospel purists if they would do an album of nothing but Southern Gospel convention style numbers.
  • Ruppes reunion video:  I know this would only require bringing Brenda (mom) in, but I would love to hear Brenda and the girls perform “Under His Wings”, “Angels In The Room”, “Redemption Complete” and “Do You Love Me” again.


  • Coming Off The Road:  The only threat I see with Sisters is them coming off the road because the Southern Gospel listening audience doesn’t embrace them.  Shouldn’t we be championing artists that posses the vocal talent of Sisters?



3 thoughts on “SWOT Analysis – Sisters

  1. All it will take is for people to hear Sisters, one time, in person. From that point, they will be fans. If Sisters could perform before large crowds on a regular–they would move into the top slot. If they could open for a Billy Graham Crusade….

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