Personal Vault – ‘Tell The Angels’

This week I decided to go in to the personal vault and pull out an album by the Singing Americans.  The Singing Americans came to prominence in the Southern Gospel industry in the early 1980’s.  The line-up of Danny Funderburk (tenor) of Cathedrals fame, Ivan Parker (lead) of Gold City fame, Ed Hill (baritone) and Dwayne Burke (bass) seems to be the first Singing Americans line-up most remember.

The group released an album in 1980 titled Tell The Angels.  This is a hard album to locate among collectors.  The line-up on this particular recording included Funderburk (tenor), Ed Crawford (lead) of Kingsmen fame, Charles Surratt (baritone) and Dwayne Burke (bass).

Enjoy sound bites from this 1980 recording by the Singing Americans; Tell The Angels.


One thought on “Personal Vault – ‘Tell The Angels’

  1. The 80s was a great time for SGM. Used to buy cassette tapes at Sky City all the time to record SA and Dixie Melody Boys when they came on the radio, so I could listen to them over and over and me and my friends would bring our tapes to choir practice everyweek and swop tapes for a week. kids today dont know how lucky they are to have u-Tube and mp3s.

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