Eyes Wide Open – Jeff And Sheri Easter


  • Album – Eyes Wide Open
  • Artist – Jeff And Sheri Easter
  • Label – Spring Hill Music Group
  • Style – Country
  • Release Date – 09/18/12
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Amazon,iTunes,Rhapsody)


Jeff And Sheri Easter enter their 26th year, touring the Southern Gospel circuit, with the release of their newest album Eyes Wide Open.  Hitting retail on Tuesday (09/18/12), Eyes Wide Open is country to the core, but would the listener expect anything less from the Easters.

Eyes Wide Open doesn’t tackle any new ground musically, instead it builds upon the group’s country-style by offering up some modern country arrangements.  The listener is even treated to two country love songs that could find a place on any mainstream country radio station.


  • Sheri Easter stands out on two of the biggest songs found on Eyes Wide Open.  “I Know How It Feels To Survive” is sung with conviction and would make a great radio single choice from this recording.
  • The other Sheri Easter stand out is the song “Standing Here Wondering”.  This song is different from anything found on Eyes Wide Open in that it takes a Gospel spiritual approach.  Sheri shines on this song, reminiscent of something you might hear from Lynda Randle.
  • Jeff Easter turns in one of his best vocals on another stand out track, “I’ll Take It”.  Similar to “Born To Climb” and “Over And Over”, this song would also make a strong radio single choice.
  • Morgan also turns in one of her best vocal performances on the cover of the Jeff and Sheri Easter classic, “I Wonder If He Ever Cries”.  Madison and Shannon Easter join Morgan, adding the perfect harmony vocals to this strong re-make.
  • Of the two country love songs found on Eyes Wide Open, the strongest is “Sitting On Top Of The World”.  They should really consider releasing this to mainstream country radio.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “I Know How It Feels To Survive”, “I’ll Take It”, “Standing Here Wondering”, “I Wonder If He Ever Cries”, “I Won’t Have To Worry”, “Anything But Happy” and “Sitting On Top Of The World”.
  • If you are not already a fan of Jeff and Sheri Easter’s country-style, this new album will probably not change your mind.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “It Must Have Been You”, “Love Is” and “A Good Old Gospel Song”.


Eyes Wide Open is another solid effort for Jeff and Sheri Easter fans to add to their collections.  I don’t think the group will garner any new fans with this effort.  I also found the group’s previous effort Expecting Good Things to be stronger.

SONG/FEATURED VOCALIST – SONGWRITER:  1. “A Little Bit Of Sunshine”/Sheri – Jan Crutchfield  2. “I’ll Take It”/Jeff – Joseph Habedank/Lindsay Habedank  3. “Sitting On Top Of The World”/Ensemble  4. “I Know How It Feels To Survive”/Sheri – Madison Easter/Sheri Easter  5. “It Must Have Been You”/Jeff – Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey  6. “I Wonder If He Ever Cries”/Morgan – Bonita Stevens  7. “Anything But Happy”/Sheri – Sheri Easter  8. “Love Is”/Morgan  9. “I Won’t Have To Worry”/Jeff; James Easter – James Goss/Jimmy Jones  10. “There Is A Purpose”/Ensemble – Jonathan Azzarello  11. “Standing Here Wondering”/Sheri – Thomas Dorsey  12. “A Good Old Gospel Song”/Jeff – Jeff Easter/Jimmy Yeary


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