Song Hall Of Fame – “I Know”

This week’s inductee in to the Southern Gospel song hall of fame is Laverne Tripp’s infectious quartet number “I Know”.  It’s the type of song you can’t stop singing once you get it in your head.  Made popular by the Oak Ridge Boys in the early 1970’s, “I Know” went on to be recorded by many other artists of this era.

Laverne Tripp was touring with the Blue Ridge Quartet at the time this song became popular.  Laverne would go on to write many other Southern Gospel songs but none would have the lasting impact of “I Know”.  Laverne Tripp would even pick up a lead singer award in 1973 at the Singing News fan awards.

I found two YouTube clips that I wanted to share of this week’s inductee.  The first is Laverne Tripp singing his composition, “I Know”.  The second is the group to make it popular in the early 1970’s, the Oak Ridge Boys.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Song Hall Of Fame – “I Know”

  1. Of course the “circa 1970” on the Oaks clip is fairly far off. That is actually late 1973 or probably early 1974. Although Tripp gets credit for writing it, there were other writers. The melody was from an old country song “Sweeter Than the Flowers”. I think Tripp was the sole lyric writer, but the melody had three writers. That is why you often see four names in the credits. 🙂

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