2011 NQC – Gaither Vocal Band Reunion

The Gaither Vocal Band reunion has just wrapped and it offered some great moments.  I am simply listing the song list and marking personal highlights.

  1. “He Came Down To My Level” – Gary McSpadden and Steve Green had featured solos.
  2. “Passin’ The Faith Along” – The entire group sang this selection.
  3. “Amen Chorus” – Larnelle Harris
  4. “First Day In Heaven” – Entire group
  5. “I’ll Meet You In The Morning” – Jim Murray, Michael English, Mark Lowry, Lee Young.
  6. **”The Love Of God” – Current group members later joined by Larnelle Harris and Steve Green.
  7. “New Hope Road” – David Phelps, Russ Taff, Marshall Hall, Gaither
  8. **”Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand” – Russ Taff
  9. “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked” – Larnelle Harris
  10. “Daystar” – Michael English, later joined by Wes Hampton and Marshall Hall
  11. **”I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy” – Michael English, joined by David Phelps and Wes Hampton
  12. “That’s When The Angels Rejoice” – Entire group
  13. “Jesus On The Mainline” – Current group with comedy from Mark Lowry and Gordon Mote
  14. **”Build An Ark” – Featured solos by Buddy Mullins and Marshall Hall.  Joined by David Phelps, Mark Lowry, Wes Hampton and John Mohr.
  15. “Rumormill” – John Mohr joined by Gary McSpadden, Larnelle Harris, Steve Green and Wes Hampton.
  16. “New Point Of View” – John Mohr joined by same group on rumormill.
  17. **”I’m Free” – Buddy Mullins and Wes Hampton featured solos.  Joined by Marshall Hall and Lee Young.
  18. **”There Is No Other Name” – Steve Green
  19. “There Is Something About That Name” – Michael English, David Phelps and Wes Hampton.
  20. **”Mary, Did You Know” – Mark Lowry
  21. “When I Cry” – Marshall Hall
  22. “I Then Shall Live” – Entire group
  23. **”Let Freedom Ring” – Entire group

**Denotes Highlights


7 thoughts on “2011 NQC – Gaither Vocal Band Reunion

  1. #1 Lee Young had the bass echoes too.
    #3 is simply called “Amen”. It is Larnelle’s version of the song.
    #4 had some step out solos including Gary McSpadden, Buddy Mullins (I think), Mark Lowry and Larnelle (I think).
    #7 The title is “Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road”.
    #8 Accompanied by Kevin Williams on acoustic and group members doing some harmonies.
    #9 It should be noted that you are correct on the title “I Walked Today Where Jesus WalkeD” as it was the old song and not the “I Walked Today Where Jesus WalkS” that IS a Gaither Vocal Band song and was done on the DVDs.
    #11 Bill asked Michael (from what I saw) to go into this. Michael started on the second verse I believe.
    #18 group also sang
    #20 joined by David, Michael and Wes
    #21 at least Wes was singing. Not sure who was covering baritone.
    #23 Solos by Mark, Michael and David.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is what made me finally decide to come to NQC for the first time ever this year and this did not disapoint! Although it would have been better with Guy and if they hadn’t done the Amen Chorus and Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand and kept to GVB songs.

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