“I’ve Come Too Far To Look Back”

In my down time as I continue to recuperate and especially during those moments when I need a boost I crank up the Southern Gospel music.  I enjoy hearing songwriter’s tell the stories of how they wrote a specific song, but more than that I enjoy hearing the songwriter sing their own songs.  One of my all time favorite songs is the Hoppers version of “I’ve Come Too Far”.  I knew Nancy Harmon wrote the song and as I was perusing YouTube last week I come across Nancy singing her composition “I’ve Come Too Far”.

Let me warn you ahead of time.  The video is over 22 minutes of the same song.  While I don’t endorse any specific denominational affiliation over another, I thought Nancy singing this power house song was too good not to share.  “I’ve Come Too Far Too Look Back”!!


8 thoughts on ““I’ve Come Too Far To Look Back”

  1. I like the song good enough, I haven’t heard this version yet as You Tube is really slow right now. I don’t foresee listening to the whole clip though. 🙂

  2. Nancy is not only a great songwriter but,an awesome vocalist as well .I love hearing her version of her songs on some of the Gaither vids such as Nothings Too Big For My God and The Blood Bought Church(she really tears this one up)

  3. God really uses her to the extreme. I’ve never seen Francis Swaggart really praise God, until now. Also Donnie it’s jumping so high from the Holy Ghost it’s scary. I like Gabriel Swaggarts humbleness. He goes to the alter to praise God. Thank you Lord!

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