It Sure Sounds Like Angels To Me – Tim Greene Trio



  1. Creativity/Originality = 8
  2. Lyrical Content = 9
  3. Production = 8
  4. Song Selection = 8.5
  5. My Recommendation = 8.00 (10 song average)


After the post yesterday regarding some memories from the late ’80s and early ’90s it is fitting that this week’s album review is the first recording for the newly formed Tim Greene Trio.  During the era mentioned, I made it a priority to go see the Greenes in concert anytime they were close.  Their 10th Anniversary Live album from 1989 is still one of my favorite live recordings.  This was probably one of the easiest reviews I have done this year thus far.  I thoroughly enjoyed this recording.

It Sure Sounds Like Angels To Me hit retail outlets 03/29/11 but has been available since the beginning of the month.  The group began their touring schedule the weekend of February 24th and recorded a live video this past Sunday (03/27/11) at First Baptist Church in Indian Trail NC.  I am happy to see Tim continue the Greene legacy that was started back in 1979 with Tony, Kim and father Everette.

Some of the Greenes biggest hits are found on this debut effort.  The title cut, “It Sure Sounds Like Angels To Me”, kicks off the recording.  This was a big hit for the Greenes back around 1984.  The trio adds a bluegrass touch to their version starting the recording on a slower note.  The light accompaniment compliment the vocal delivery of Tim (Lead/Baritone), Stacy Saunders (Baritone/Lead) and Marc Ivey (Tenor).  This would make a great concert opener.

I remember Marc Ivey when he traveled with the Greenes after Tim had to originally leave the road.  His tenor singing on this new recording easily ranks him among the top tenors in Southern Gospel music.  One of my favorite Greene covers on this recording is Marc’s performance of “When I Knelt”.  This was the Greenes first #1 song in 1989 and still one of my all time favorite Greene songs.  The trio could re-release this song to radio and I believe Marc’s powerhouse performance could take the song back to #1.

Another Greene cover worth mentioning is “If You’ll Move Over”.  This up tempo song gets a make over compared to the original 1986 cut.  The brass arrangement of the song separates it from the original.  The other two Greene covers include “Miracle In Me” and “Family Business”.

With half the recording being filled with Greene covers, the other half is filled with newer material.  Of the new songs, Joel Hemphill’s “Cost Of The Call” tops the list.  Stacy Saunders takes the lead on the song.  Many artists would be able to relate to the message of the song.  The song is reminiscent of Milton Ostrander’s “The Call” made popular by Mike Bowling about a decade ago.  One line in the chorus states, …on the scales of forever every sacrifice I made seems so small, so I put it on the altar and  I say it’s just the cost of the call…, and Stacy delivers the message with conviction.

The up tempo number “We Are The Church” would be a good choice for a radio single.  Also worth a mention is the praise ballad “One Cross”.   This song adds a bit of diversity to the recording.

If you’re a fan of Southern Gospel three-part harmony you should definitely add this recording to your collection.  The group has a strong harmony blend and switch off parts depending on the song.  If you are already familiar with the Greenes and the classics mentioned you should enjoy the remakes, especially “When I Knelt”.

SONG LIST:  1. “It Sure Sounds Like Angels To Me”  2. “Family Business”  3. “We Are The Church”  4. “I Have Been Baptized”  5. “If You’ll Move Over”  6. “Miracle In Me”  7. “Cost Of The Call”  8. “Some Glad Day”  9. “One Cross”  10. “When I Knelt”


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