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With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would do a monster song covers smack down this week.  Instead of the normal two artists going head to head, this week’s smack down feature has four artists in a battle royal of smack downs.

Charles Johnson penned this week’s smack down song; “The Winds Of This World (Jesus Is With Me)”.  Charles Johnson and the Revivers recorded the song on their hit 1993 album Let’s Have Church.  This song is in the Gospel tradition and was a crowd pleaser.  Charles Johnson will take the first verse.

The Talley Trio decided to cover the song on their 2008 recording Life Goes On.  Featuring Lauren, the song stays in the Gospel tradition with its arrangement.  The Talley Trio will be featured on the second verse.

2011 brought another cover of “The Winds Of This World”, this time by the Bowling Family.  Recorded on the specialty album Feels Like Sunday, the Bowling Family will be featured on the closing chorus.

Finally, our final cover of “The Winds Of This World” comes from the Gaither Vocal Band.  Recorded on their 2012 release Pure And Simple, Michael English gets the feature on the Gaither Vocal Band’s version.  The Vocal Band will take the third verse.

So who takes the monster smack down this week?

Last week, I chose six quartet albums to rank.  This week I have chosen six mixed group albums to rank.  In the comments section rank the following albums from 1 to 6 (1 being best, 6 being worst).  Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Home Cookin’ – Hemphills (1979)

Places To Go, People To See – Hoskins Family (2003)

Journeys – Nelons (1986)

Gloryland Gold – Lesters (1983)

It’s Out Of This World – Paynes (1982)

Rise Above – Talley Trio (2006)

Smack Down!! – “Good Things”

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Steve Eaton in Smack Down
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This week’s smack down feature highlights the feel good song “Good Things”.  Penned by Joel Hemphill, “Good Things” was first recorded by the Hemphills on their 1981 album of the same name.  This song was another in a string of hit radio songs the group had during this time period.

The Hemphills will take the first verse and chorus of this feel good tune.

The first cover of the song included in this smack down feature comes from Tony Gore & Majesty.  Recorded on the group’s 1997 recording Healing, Tony Gore & Majesty’s arrangement is similar to that of the original.  Featured vocalist on Majesty’s version is Daniel Riley (of Gold City), who spent time with the group in the late ’90’s.

Tony Gore & Majesty will take the second verse and chorus of “Good Things”.

The most recent cover of “Good Things” is from the Talley Trio on the 2010 effort Stories & Songs.  Of the three versions, the Talley Trio take a modern arrangement of the song to make it a bit different.  The Talley Trio will also take the second verse and chorus.  Enjoy!

Stories & Songs – Talley Trio

Posted: March 18, 2011 by Steve Eaton in Album Reviews



  1. Creativity/Originality = 7.5
  2. Lyrical Content = 8.5
  3. Production = 8.5
  4. Song Selection = 7.5
  5. My Recommendation = 7.73 (11 song average)


I will admit, it gets tough reviewing albums from an artist who has such an extensive body of work like the Talley Trio.  My overall rating on any new review is based on how the new recording stacks up to the artist’s entire body of work.  How did Stories & Songs stack up to the Talley Trio’s other recordings?

A recording I didn’t get around to reviewing in 2010, Stories & Songs hit retail outlets 11/21/10.  This recording missed making my year’s best list in 2010.  The uneven nature of the recording was the main reason.  The first half of the recording starts with great song selection and strong lyrical material.  The second half of the recording then falls a bit flat.

The Talley Trio’s best recordings to date include Testament (2000), Hope For Tomorrow (2002), The Message (2003) and Rise Above (2006).  Stories & Songs doesn’t quite match the caliber of those recordings.

In light of that, there are still some really great things about this recording.  The knock-out punch of tracks #4 and #5 are the best songs on the recording.  “He Is With You” takes a page from the country songwriting playbook and creates a gospel lyric that meets you where you are at in your every day life.  There are several lines in that song that felt like they were speaking directly to me.  This song would work well as a radio single.

Next up is a tried and true Talley Trio power ballad.  “Thou O Lord” has #1 written all over it.  The melody continues to build throughout the song creating that power ending that takes the listener along for the ride.

The album kicks off with a cover of Joel Hemphill’s “Good Things”.  While there have been several covers of this song in the last decade the Talley Trio add a different arrangement and make it a great opening number on the album.  Debra then turns in another great performance in “Who Will Pray”, followed by the story song “Someone Had To Die”.

If the second half of the recording was as strong as the first half, this would’ve been one of the top releases of 2010.  “Hands Of Grace”, “Tell Somebody” and the lounge feel on “I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say” didn’t gel with the rest of the recording.  Also, without the risk of sounding anti-patriotic, the inclusion of “God Bless America”/”America The Beautiful” also felt out-of-place.

The Talley name has become an institution in Southern Gospel music.  I have been following this group’s career since the beginning.  I remember going to the local Christian bookstore (when they were still around) in 1984 and buying the group’s first Canaan Records album Wherever I Am.  While there are some great moments on Stories & Songs, I would include it as a companion piece to fit between the group’s landmark albums.

SONG LIST:  1. “Good Things”  2. “Who Will Pray”  3. “Someone Had To Die”  4. “He Is With You”  5. “Thou O Lord”  6. “Hands Of Grace”  7. “Applause”  8. “Tell Somebody”  9. “God Lives There”  10. “I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say”  11. “God Bless America/America The Beautiful”